Thursday, April 28, 2016

Clickbank Complaints: The Top 3 Consumer & Affiliate Annoyances

Top Clickbank Complaints
Are you searching for Clickbank complaints? Well you have come to the right place. Read on to learn what the top 3 consumer  and affiliate annoyances are with this company. Prepare to be informed.

Consumers First ...

Clickbank is one of the biggest online digital retailers in the world and helps  many business owners to sell millions of dollars in product  each year. Clickbank has  gotten an A plus rating from the  Better  Business  Bureau which is a compliment in itself.It has relatively few  issues from customers in  general but there are a few worth noting.

The bulk of their consumer complaints seem to stem from the  following 3 problems with :


People have also complained about being looked over when they had questions or  concerns about a product that they had purchased fro their platform.

Since Clickbank deals primarily  in digital products  it would make sense for the majority of their big issues to come from a product.Now to be fair Clickbank doesn't create any of its own  products. The vendors who sign up  to sell on  it's  platform create them.

So if a product that a customer  ordered isn't up to their expectations then the majority of the  blame  falls on the vendor but  being that Clickbank  processes the  transactions most attention is  tracked back to them.There is always room for  improvement with any  business and so this must be kept in mind.

Now for All You Affilates Out There

Clickbank is great in many ways. One of the best reasons is because it allows anyone to sign up as an affiliate and start making sales right out of hte gate.

The  3 Biggest  Affiliate Complaints have been:

1.You won't get your check unless you  have been paid by 5 different people.  This means if you are selling a product not only will you have to sell 5 units of it, but you also need to have  1 payment come in from a Visa card and the other coming from a Mastercard.
So if you are not making regular sales from your acocunt. It could be a long time before you get your first check!

2. You won't  receive any email notification when you make a sale. This one is very perplexing because everyone wants to know when they  make a sale. So it is possible that you have made 4 sales in one day  but unless you go and login to your Clickbank account regularly than you will never know until a check comes.

3. You can't  track anything after  person  clicks through to your  affiliate link. So this means that once a person clicks through to your provided affiliate link that you have no idea what they did afterwards. If they buy  great but if they didn't you don't know where they went afterwards. This information can be very valuable to help make the sale go better next time.

So  these  have been  some of the  biggest  Clickbank complaints  made over time. No company can go long without someone complaining about something generally but  Clickbank is still a very strong option for   consumers to buy products through and  affiliates to make money with.

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