Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is Clickbank Legit? Find out in Under 10 Minutes or Be a Fool Forever Review

So you have been searching  around to see  what the real deal is and you're wonder "is Clickbank legit"? Well you have landed in the  right place my  friend! I have had several  years of  experience with them and I want to share my personal insight with you. Within these next few paragraphs you will find out the REAL truth about Clickbank.

What Clickbank Isn't

This is not a  website to get you  rich over night. So take that  image out of your head  right now! However this  website can help you generate a  nice  income whether part time  or full time. Whatever your choice may be.

Is Clickbank Legit?
What Clickbank is

The Clickbank empire was started in 1998 from San Diego,California. It is  considered to be one of the  top 100 internet retailers and has done over 3 billion in sales since 1998.This website is dedicated to 2 kinds of people. These are vendors and affiliates. Vendors are the ones who  create and sale products through Clickbank's digital platform.

Affiliates are the ones  who go out and promote the products of the vendors and  receive a nice commission in return.A person can choose to be either one it just depends on what your goals are.

Some Cool Features

One of the best things about  Clickbank is  anyone can join. The  enrollment fee  to sale as a an affiliate is free (Vendors pay a  small upfront  fee to begin selling). So you may wonder how do they make their momeny. Well everytime a vendor sells a product through their platform Clickbank takes a cut out of the profits. It is a win-win situation. The vendor still makes a profit and gets to use Clickbank's  smooth payment processing platform.
Anyone can be an affiliate  and  when you  make a commission Clickbank is also getting paid. So no need for you to  have to figure how much you own Clickbank because it is already taken care of.

My Personal Experience

So is Clickbank legit? I would have to absolutely say without a doubt it is NOT! I have used Clickbank as an  affiliate and a vendor. It has been a very smooth process and very straight forward.  So anyone wanting to  give  Clickbank a try should definitely give it a test run. If you don't like it then just simply  stop using it.

Go Check them out but first here's a little secret I used to avoid lots of mistakes....

While  going in  cold turkey  isn't the worst thing you could. If you are a new vendor r  affiliate then I would highly recommend  skipping all the  newbie mistakes and  jumpstarting your success with Clickbank University. They will give you all the training you  need to be a success with Clickbank right out of the gate.

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If link above  for Clickbank University isn't working go to  http://www.tinyurl.com/cbufasttrack

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